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The Notebook

The Notebook

I have a beautiful notebook. The picture on its cover is of the sunset, yellows, oranges and gold’s. Its a few years old now, it is still pristine. I look at it often but do not write in it, in case the words I write are not good enough somehow for its perfect blank...

Coping with Death and Loss

Coping with Death and Loss

Death is inevitable. There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet at this time and every one will meet an ending of this life be they old or young, sick, or healthy. No one knows how long their span here will be, for hundreds of thousands every day their time is up...

Adapt or Diminish

Adapt or Diminish

Nothing is permanent, everything changes – this is the nature of things. National Geographic writes that “adaptation is the biological mechanism by which organisms adjust to new environments or to changes in their current environment … “So change is a natural part of...

Self Compassion

Self Compassion

We are born into a social species, being cooperative and caring for others is hard wired into our DNA. So, it’s not surprising that when we see suffering, sometimes that suffering has caused compassion to rise in us for others. And when our hearts are touched by...

Finding Balance, a Reflection

Finding Balance, a Reflection

One of the most important principles in establishing a sense of wellbeing is trying to find the right balance; whether it be in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual realms of our lives. We see this perhaps most powerfully in the rhythm of the breath. From our...


Attended by people in various health related and challenging situations, such as diagnosis and treatment of cancer, chronic pain, sleeplessness, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety … it proved to  be very successful … excellent comment and feedback … highly recommend it …

Name Goes HC Gibson ND MWell C-IAYT PhD candidate

Director, Wellness Education & Research, Solaris Cancer Care

I am a strong advocate for practicing mindfulness to help manage everyday life, to deal with the more challenging times… I am encouraged by organisations and initiatives that promote mindfulness to support stronger individuals, community and society, particularly as it’s something I’ve witnessed in my personal and professional life.

Marnie Baker

Manager Director, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

The Mindfulness Based Well-Being program …

“I’m almost speechless …

That was the most profound and effective meditation experience I have ever had …”

Robert Whitehead