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Practical, Philosophical, Well-Being

Ability Life is a profit for purpose enterprise that provides well-being programs and resources to the community, the health sector, profit and ‘Not for Profit’ groups.  

Our aim is to improve health and well-being by encouraging a deeper engagement in life through blogs and writings, talks, contemplations and meditations. All are designed to help build resilience, improve psychological, mental and emotional balance and capacity, and cultivate awareness, understanding, and compassion.  

Grace, an accredited mindfulness and meditation therapist and asssociate ASLM member, has an executive background and is a long term mindfulness practioner. Holding a special interest in spiritual and personal growth, Grace formulates and delivers mindfulness based well-being programs, and facilitates Christian and secular personal growth meditations during reatreats.  


We provide health, well-being and self-help tips, tools, and resources that encourage us to take action as well as think. To discuss or develop a program for your group, contact us for a no obligation chat. 


The word philosophy comes from the Latin ‘philosophia’ meaning the love of wisdom. As well as lifestyle, general and mental health, our Blogs encompass reflections and insights on the nature of knowledge, life and existence. 


Hedonistic well-being serves as an immediate happiness from the pleasure of having fun and enjoyment. Eudaimonic well-being relates to a moral philosophy and a more contemplative understanding of the meaningful things of life. Aristotle spoke of eudaimonic well-being  as being central to reasoning, happiness and a rich fulfilling life, and a start point for thinking about the nature and purpose of human life, its virtue and ultimate fulfilment.

Neuroscience shows us that this form of well-being directly affects our genomes in positive and healing ways*. This knowledge helped form the impetus to create and share the information and practices on this site. 

*Ref Fredrickson BL, Grewn KM, Coffey KA, et al A functional genomic perspective on human well-being.

NEED HELP? you can find a list of support services in Australia here … https://bit.ly/3Qwiqpz

The writings and resources provided in this site encompass and flow out from the influence and wisdom of historical spiritual writings and transcripts, biblical and philosophical studies, researchers, scientists, health and educational experts and the many individuals who have generously offered their knowledge and wisdom on and offline for the benefit of all.

Special acknowledgement to the influence of spiritual leaders and pastors such as Leo, Jay John, Phil Baker, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Steve Armstrong, Kamala Masters, the Venerable Ariya Nani, Dr Ian Gawler, Sky Dawson and Dr Brian Gordon OAM. To my inspiring sons and sisters, and not forgetting ‘the ladies’ Thank you!

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We acknowledge traditional custodians of this land on which we live and  work, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation,  and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.