We are all participants in life, this interactive creation. A spiritual being born into this physical world, seen or unseen, acknowledged or not – we’re on the journey of life.

Many of us walk in a way that keeps us from the fullness of our natural heritage and purpose. By living purely within the physical realms of life, we can be unaware and uncaring of the spiritual. How often do we petition and pray for guidance, or listen for that quiet inner voice that we host? How often do we allow ourselves the opportunity to be influenced by this incredible creation, of which we are a part and have a part to play?

What trail does the life we lead leave I wonder… clear or littered? Bright or dark? What have we ‘won’ for humanity? What friendships, loves, opportunities, cruelties, kindnesses, or disappointments scent our ways?

If our path in life had a smell, what would the weight of our fragrance be?

Such reflection is not common in these times of instant gratification, instant news, instant reactivity, but how much more connected to our own selves, our inner being, our life reality, would we be if it was?

Its Autumn and a time that calls me to take a wondering walk in nature, perhaps amongst the falling leaves, thinking, reminiscing, dwelling, as befits this season. In such a quieting time after the active brightness of summer, Autumn holds both a touch of sadness and relief, a change in pace toward the deepening of winter. In this season I find reflection arises naturally, a time to sort, relegate, keep, or let go.

As I grow older the season of my own life seems to be moving into Autumn too, calling for both greater meaning, and greater simplicity. A natural and ongoing sorting process of the years, and a gathering process of squeezed out wisdom.

It’s a time to let go of the ‘offences’ offered by others – rude drivers, bored checkout attendants, ageist slurs, gender insults, unmeant pin pricks and hurts. Offence causes barriers of protection, but these can become a prison which inhibits my existence and relationships. I let them go.

It’s a time to hold on to the good things, the important things of life – and I need reflective time to really understand and see what these are, and that there is family, community, and a world out there, it’s not all about me. I cherish this.

The Autumn process holds within it the Serenity Prayer – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Wisdom is a jewel to bestow on the path of life for others, if they are awake enough on the journey to see it.

Adieu until next,