Adapt or Diminish

Adapt or Diminish

Nothing is permanent, everything changes – this is the nature of things.

National Geographic writes that “adaptation is the biological mechanism by which organisms adjust to new environments or to changes in their current environment … “
So change is a natural part of life, and one that we are biologically coded to meet.

Our world situation has altered dramatically over the last few decades. The industrial revolution has been followed by a technological revolution and both bring huge, often unfathomable and unintentional changes to our lives and society.

Currently we also have climate change, sweeping social change and now, a new global pandemic.

With such levels of adjustment on so many fronts we can experience anxiety, uncertainty, and stress, but change is also opportunity for a new life if we can adapt – and to adapt is to respond by changing too.

When we respond to something, we take time to consciously think before making choices or taking action, rather than automatically falling into a non-thinking habitual reaction.

To enable us to respond continously there are many tools and practices to help keep the mind calm and balanced in order to cultivate an internal climate for conscious thinking. Mindfulness is a practice that helps maintain the balance and clarity of vision that is needed for clear thinking in times of ongoing change. Regular practice increases our awareness and capacity to recognise what’s going on, and keep a sense of perspective and possibility.

Resilience is another key factor in adaptation and psychological strength. An aspect of resilience is to be able to think and generate alternative ideas and solutions on the run. Awareness together with resilience helps enable an ongoing adaptation to change.

Whether the change is perceived as good, like going on holiday or finding a new home, or challenging like an illness or argument, stressors don’t have to be big to be felt and impactful. So, another part of adaptation lies in being able to recognise the scale and nature of the issue. This recognition has many aspects and levels of understanding – a friend of mine uses the Serenity Prayer to gain perspective and make better choices in her life, and it’s a great start.

We are all on a journey in this river of life and we all have opportunity to adapt, or diminish. The same can be said of planetary life, can it adapt, or will it diminish? and how can we help that adaptation process?

As people alive right now we have it to do, environmentally, socially and psychologically but as we ponder this situation, let’s not get discouraged or forget that biologically, we are literally made for it.