Sleep Sync

Sleep Sync

Living in harmony with your inner time system is the best option for good sleep.
The hypothalamus regulates our internal timing including the asleep and awake cycle which is aligned with our planets 24 hours night and day rotation cycle, best known as the ‘circadian rhythm’.
Becoming aware and taking care to align and be in sync with your natural sleep awake rhythm brings many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits, and can help you sleep more soundly.

Here are some tips for over-active minds …

1. Darken your evenings lighten your day.
When your exposed to bright lights in the evening or middle of the night the melatonin level is greatly reduced. Consider using low lights in the evening and stop screen time as it gets closer to your bedtime to reduce stimulation.
2. Use the bedroom for relations and sleeping only.
Having taken time to wind down when its time to go to bed, go. Some people find its best to go when they feel tired but, when first taking care to align your inner clock with your invented one, tiredness may not be present.
3. Use bedside lamps and a light dimmer in the bathroom.
4. Follow a bedtime routine from switch off and security check through to undressing and cleaning teeth.
5. Try a bedtime sleep or relaxation meditation or put soothing music on low with an automatic switch off.
6. If you are awake in the middle of the night try not to think and do an internal relaxation; if you can’t go back to sleep, without turning on the main lights get up and go to another room, read a book or drink a cup of warm milk then go back to bed doing another relaxation if necessary.
7. When it’s time to wake up, get up, regardless of how little or much sleep you have had. Again, it may take time to bring your invented pattern in sync with your natural one.
8. Eat breakfast in the sunshine or a brightly lit area. The more you stimulate in the morning and the less you stimulate in the evening the more in tune you become.

See meditations page for Relaxation and Sleep meditations for you and your children.